Tart – Definitely Left a Bitter Taste in my Mouth

Tart SignStrawberry Lemonademultigrain french toastMeat Lovers Scamble Now I will be the first to say that esthetics mean a great deal to me, and when you pull up to valet at Tart Restaurant  LA for $5.00 with validion that is exactly what you will see, sure you can choose street parking at the meter, but if your a chatterbox like me, the liklihood of you getting a parking ticket is very high. The atmosphere gives me a beachy vibe, yet somehow provides me with an indoor beach restaurant experience after the LA sun has completely drained me. Now I went in Tart completely famished, which means my palate was craving all kinds of food and completely lost its sense of direction as to what to choose, should I choose brunch or dinner? Finally after getting focused I decided to be a maverick and opt for an oldie but goodie – full throttle breakfast. Because I am in LA with the beautiful people I always feel compelled to order something with a similitude of healthiness, yet something that will satisfy my fleshly desire not to be healthy, so I order the multi-grain french toast with fresh strawberries, bacon fried crispy of course & a strawberry lemonade. Well when the order arrived my eyes lit up with joy and my eyes surveyed the plate of  6 thick slices of golden french toast, now it was time to go in…and sad to write the taste of TART’s french toast fell flat; no taste of cinnamon, nutmeg, or even powdered sugar, now sure the menu didn’t read that those items were included, but who has french toast without them, I assumed it was a given, clearly my error. Now it is possible they were in there and my tongue lost all sense of consciousness, but I seriously doubt it.  On a brighter side the bacon was exactly what bacon should be, the  french toast was a complete waste of calories…I know by now you are wondering if  the strawberry lemonade picked up any slack that the french toast left off and I wanna write “yes” but a resounding “yes” I just can’t, but I can write “refreshing,”  but potent on the strawberry it was not.

My dear friend ordered the “Meat lovers Scramble” and it showed up in an old fashioned cast iron skillet, like I wrote before there is no shortage on esthetics here at Tart; in the midst of this carnivore heaven was: bacon, turkey sausage, chicken andoullie sausage, ham, mushrooms, spinach, & cheddar cheese there was something tragic….HARD EGGS a.k.a over-cooked, not fluffy, and not visually soft, with a side of homestyle potatoes that lacked seasoning…what a disappointment.

 Again my theory has been proven, LA restaurants tend to be more of a social experience than a food experience, my question is “WHY CAN’T I HAVE BOTH?” So today the verdict is… TART IS BITTER. Tart is located on 115 S. Fairfax Ave, Los Angles.

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