So Not Your Momma’s Meatloaf




Meatloaf is an at home favorite, it simply makes you think of Mom. This comfort food is often not found in high end restaurants and if they are, you tend to lose that comfort food taste and feeling that meatloaf done right provides, but not here at Citizen Public House in Scottsdale, Arizona in Old Town Scottsdale, where free street parking is available for 3 full hours.

This meatloaf has a fancy name “Amaro Meatloaf” which is comprised of montenegro amaro italian liqueur, pork & beef, with parsnips, yukon gold mashed potatoes, roasted zucchini, & veal demi-glacé, & mushroom cream. The cut of this meatloaf is so thick that a carnivore will go into optic ecstasy, and whenever there is tons a meat, be prepared to chew for what feels like an eternity, but don’t fret the meatloaf is tender and the liqueur the drapes over it is a perfect substitute for Mommas ketchup we are all use to putting on homemade meatloaf. This tasty meatloaf mixed with a forkful of the mashed potatoes just simply made this entire meal completely satisfying.

Tip: with this dimly lit restaurant and the exceptional waitstaff service, I would absolutely say this is a good date place, but if you don’t wanna take a date, you can absolutely take your Momma too so she can see how old school meatloaf meatloaf meets new school meatloaf, but make sure she brings her glasses with the dim lighting it may be difficult for her to see the menu.

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