No Hail to Halibut





Dear Lord,

All I want at this moment outta life is a delicious meal, one to make me smile with joy, because the flavors are busting loose in my mouth. I simply wanna read a menu that reads seared halibut, with fingerling potatoes, chorizo, fava beans, & english peas to not only be cooked perfectly, but i want to taste the saltiness from the chorizo, the buttery flavor of the fava bean, to create a symphony of flavors on my palate. Lord why must the food be so bland, sure the portion size was absolutely delightful, but what is portion size, when it seems like I am eating an extra portion of spa food at a fat farm. Maybe I should be thankful, that this flavorless halibut at Blair’s Restaurant in LA made me feel guiltless for the chocolate chip cookie I ate another location.

Lord in an effort to always be thankful in all things, let me not forget that on a high note, my friend ordered the beet salad and french fries (weird combo I know) felt the titillation of sweet beets, the crunch of candied walnuts, and the crumbles of bleu cheese in a vinegarette dressing explode on her tastebuds; so for all you beet lovers who don’t mind your teeth being reddish pink when you smile, this salad is the perfect meal for you, and the fries well…they were perfectly cooked thin cut fries that come with japaleno ketchup, perfect for anyone who believes some spice in your life is always a good thing.

Lastly, God let me not forget the blessing of free parking at the meter on Sunday, the good music the establishment played, a little jazz, a little R&B, and a little blue grass, it was such a quaint place that was appropriate for a date or simply hanging out with the girls.

But Lord if you could find it in your infinite wisdom to give me a great locale, free parking, and next time fabulous food, I would be so grateful.

Signed your favorite food critic,
Brioche With Beckham

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