Simplicity is Profound






Clearly you do not need fanciness to have an awesome meal, nor do you need herbs sprinkled around the plate to experience deliciousness, and thank God you don’t, because you will not be getting that at “Best Fish Taco Ensenada” in Los Feliz, California.

This bargain basement restaurant is as simplistic as they come, the menu consist of only two items, fried fish or shrimp tacos, and a drink to wash it down, nothing more and nothing less.

Don’t expect to come to this Los Feliz joint looking to eat nachos and salsa while you wait, because there isn’t any. When you walk in, there may quite possibly be a line simply, because the woman taking your order is also providing the cook with the orders, restocking the salsa smorgasbord…yea I wrote it salsa smorgasbord, restocking the drinks and so forth, which forces her to take a little more than a few minutes to take your order, but once she does take your order, it is only a few minutes before it is up in a styrofoam container to-go or a paper boat container if you opt to eat inside or outside.

Once your order is up I must warn you it looks as plain and boring as white paint. It comes with the fish and the tortilla bread and that’s all. If you want cream go to the salsa smorgasbord, if you want salsa you will have plenty to choose from, they range from mild to hot, to mango salsa to pineapple salsa, and salsa with avocado. If feel like you cannot have a taco without shredded cabbage they have you covered, but once again you have to add it yourself. No waitstaff and no questions on, “how was your meal?” “can I get you something?” This is almost purely self serve.

I like to think I too am a basic kinda person so no cream for me just shredded cabbage and two salsas mango and classic, then I went to first bite made my eyes roll back in my head..this simplistic item was truly delicious, it was perfectly seasoned, perfectly fried, and I am sure they have added a little something special to that batter, and the heat from the fried fish makes the tortilla slightly room temperature for perfect consumption.

Who knew something so plain to look at it could be so darn good, kinda like looking at Jay-Z. Yet again my theory is you have a restaurant that is not focused on being a social spot, but yet you can be social here, but they have opted to focus on the food and it was proven in every bite.

Now only if I can find the best of both worlds great social environment, visually great aesthetic, & good food..a marriage made in heaven.

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  1. Wow if those taste as good as they look yummy! And so much food for such a small amount. You do not see that these days!


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