Cheers for Chorizo🍴🍴




Most often when I think turkey burger, I think a lean, mean, healthy machine, but I also think what a dry and dismal choice. But then I walked into this neighborhood bakery & cafe, called Jeannine’s in Santa Barbara, California where the staff makes you feel so welcomed and part of the family, so much so, everyone who walked in they knew by name kinda like being Norm and walking into Cheers.

On first look, the ambiance was nothing to be memerized with, so I thought this lunch would be lack luster, just something to satisfy my hunger. The menu choices were kinda slim, but they had daily specials which neighborhood restaurants tend to be known for and I guess Thursday was my lucky day, because on the menu was a turkey chorizo burger. I was not immediately drawn to it or anything else on the menu for that matter, so I asked the order taker to make a recommendation. Whenever you ask for a recommendation it is totally a crap shoot, will the person be honest, is there palate sophisticated enough to know what is good and what sucks, but he recommended the burger and I followed his lead, and I was so glad I did.

This chorizo spiced turkey burger with avocado cream, quick pickled sauce, on a brioche bun was an absolute treat. The chorizo gave it a kick, the slaw balanced it out being a little bitter and crunch for texture, the avocado cream was light and with a hint of tang, and the burger was cooked just right, it was juicy and mouthwatering…perfection on a bun.

To achieve this texture and juiciness with a turkey burger is a feat, because people simply don’t order turkey burgers because of taste, they order it, because they have a taste for burger, but they want their desire to be mixed with healthiness and they settle for the dryness, because they understand that this is apart of the healthy hand you are dealt. But here at Jeanine’s, you will be dealt a different hand, one filled with goodness and you will never be so happy you opted for a healthy burger again.

Thanks Jeannine’s, this was a great meal. Looks like I am on a winning streak with my restaurant finds.

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