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I have always wondered why “Happy Hour” is only a hour, I mean does happiness have time limits, is the gist of it all that the happy hour prices are cheaper than the standard menu prices and it is that monetary factor that pushes us over into the happy zone, I don’t know and I probably should inquire of the person who created this theme.

Nonetheless, Blue Cow kitchen & bar in downtown Los Angeles on 350 South Grand has really got a lock on this happy hour concept, the staff is upbeat, cheerful, and down right pleasant. There is outside seating at this place and on a beautiful LA day the place is packed to the gills with people lingering for an absurd amount of time, but have no fear inside seating is available and it can be just as exciting.

So on this leg of the food journey I ordered from the happy hour menu and chose the pork belly sliders, now if you have been following my blog, you know I am a lover of pork, and so when a restaurant opts to try their hand at it, I elect to have it expeditiously. This slider was a kurobuto pork belly, caramelized with house made pickled daikon, carrots, cilantro cucumber, & a side of pickled japlenos, on a mini hawaiian roll. The pork belly was exactly what pork should be, chocked full of flavor, hint of saltiness, and because it was braised super tender, and the melody of veggies gave it a contrast that was sweet yet tangy, and the best of all a little crunch.

On a Friday it is always fitting to have a slider with fries and if you don’t, it doesn’t seem like you are commemorating the approach of the weekend properly. With that being said I typically only enjoy skinny fries, steak fries just seems to remind me of eating a baked potato with every bite, which can be a total drag after the second fry or so. But I opted to step out of my comfort zone and get the steak fries, simply because the menu offered a twist, a baked then fried fry, which is kinda like being healthy in the beginning, but then saying dang it, if I am going to eat fries then they should be fried..bring on the unhealthy.

First bite of this steak fry was crunchy goodness, lightly seasoned, golden brown, and what I loved the most I didn’t feel overwhelmed with potato..Blue Cow you shot and scored with this one, a swervy twist on an old but constant favorite.

I think it is safe to write that due to this delightful meal, my happiness exceeded pass a hour, well done Blue Cow, well done.

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