Is it a Restaurant or a Dog Pound??🍴🍴





What I find amazing is how some people always assume that you want to eat your meal with their dogs. When did it start exactly, who was the first person who had the balls to bring their pet to the restaurant and who was the restaurant who allowed such foolishness. What kind of selfish person says “I like to eat with my dog breathing on my food, so other people must experience this same level of joy.”

I think it is extremely disappointing that restaurants would allow pets in settings where you eat outdoors. There is already flies outdoors, gnats outdoors, and all other flying outdoorsy specimens, and as we all know outdoorsy specimens are attracted to dogs, they see or smell dogs and they think gourmet meal on deck, so more of those specimens are flying around when there is a dog around. Dont get me wrong I am a dog lover, I even let my dog Zion give me kisses like any true dog lover does, but when I go out to a restaurant I draw the line in the sand.

Dont restaurants like HOME Restaurant in Los Feliz, California realize that when you allow pets in your food dwelling you minimize the experience of the restaurant, that without even trying you devalue your food, and you force people to question your level of cleanliness since your waitstaff is petting the dogs, then handling food.

So with this being written, can I still write about the challah bread french toast with strawberries? Of course I can..I am food blogger for God sakes…but unfortunately I dont have much to write, but all I will write is, the french toast was fair, but the key to eating this french toast is to eat it while it is hot, because if it gets slightly cooled down it will be tough and flavorless, which is the same as eating toast you made on Thursday today. My bestsie had the “spiced tofu” with red peppers, spinach, onions, ripe tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes with basil, soy sauce, & curry powder, and although she said it was good, I know when I see joy in her eyes as a result of a meal, and I promise you she had a better response from the cookie butter at Trader Joes.

Could this dog pound, I mean restaurant swayed my opinion via the visual of all the dogs, it is quite possible, but like they say, “you eat with your eyes first.”


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