Starbucks & Coffee Bean Enough is Enough🍴🍴





Dear Starbucks & Coffee Bean-

For years you have convinced your patrons that grabbing a hot tea from your establishment is the same as really having tea, just because you have a few varieties of tea you have convinced your customers they are participating in a exotic experience…but you lie.

Going to high tea or even dare I write night tea at Bosie in the West Village of New York City is where tea drinkers have an experience, where the list of teas seem infinite with the multitude of green teas to the organic roobios teas. But it is certainly not just tea that cultivate the experience, tea is just simply the base note, its the scones you receive, and although they were not hot, but room temperature here at Bosie, they were certainly fresh and tasty served with jam and whipped butter, Starbucks & Coffee bean you are presenting scones in a cold refrigerator, blasphemy I write. But its not just the scones either its the choices of tea sandwiches: egg salad, chicken salad, crab salad, that are cut into triangular shapes with the crust off the ends, that you eat interchangeably while drinking your tea in a dainty cup…Starbucks & Coffee bean you dont have dainty cups.

At a real tea they serve mini desserts like green tea pound cake, which I wasn’t a fan of, because the taste was to pungent, but it was the thought that counts, but the lemon pound cake they served was delightful and perfectly portioned out as only tea time does, and as a bonus Bosie Tea Parlor offered fresh baked macaroons, a plethora of flavors to choose from, and I opted for the “rose” flavor, not only was it fuchsia in color but it was delicately sweet.

So Starbucks & Coffee Bean I implore you to stop trying to steal the tea time experience from your patrons; and patrons of these establishments if you are exchanging a real tea time for for a quickie at Starbucks or Coffee Bean, stop and enjoy a real tea time experience I promise you wont regret it, I am confident that it will bring you the calmness of a chamomile tea and the luxurious feeling of a lavender tea.


Brioche With Beckham

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  1. When I’m in NY I will try this place.. I dont drink coffee so when I find a tea shop I’m ecstatic . Tea is so much more exciting to me


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