To Much Thought Can be a Bad Thing🍴






Not everything needs to be over thought. Not everything needs a bell or a whistle to make it great, there are some things that just need to be kept simple, and when you add to much you come just short of destroying it.

The most difficult thing in my in my eating life thus far is finding an authentic Mexican restaurant, one would think the task would be easy in New York the melting pot of the world, but not so. There are chinese/mexican restaurants, there are tex/mex restaurants, but my search of an authentic Mexican restaurant is like searching for waldo.

I thought I came close to what I was looking for when I arrived at “Ho’Brah Tacos” in Brooklyn, New York, to start I ordered the shrimp empanada, which was quite delightful, golden brown, filled with delicious spices, and cheese. I was initially frightened to order a shrimp empanada with the thoughts of it being to fishy and with the fried dough the shrimp would get lost, but i was able to enjoy the entire package having the opportunity to taste all the components.

Then I moved on to what I came there for which was a shrimp and fish taco. First up the fish taco where the fish was panko breaded, generally people love panko because it is adds a crunch, but it is so light you dont lose the star of the show in the breading, but somehow this was not the case, with excessive breading, the mountain of cheddar cheese, cole slaw, and salsa, the fish was lost, what did it taste like? Im sorry but i dont know, so I cant write. Now on to the “Diablo Diego” better known as the shrimp taco with spicy shrimp, california slaw, pico, and chipotle crema. Now keep in mind this is a mini taco and because of the taste I only ate half, the taco was so saturated with spicy sauce and chipotle crema that the taste of the shrimp was exed out of the equation. Too many toppings too many flavors that were thrown together that should never be together, almost like a couple who decided to let others in the bedroom, without thinking the plan out fully.

There are just some things that should remain simple, there are some things where the authenticity should shine through, there are some situations where the wheel does not need to be recreated…Ho’Brah you have tried to hard and you came up a fail.

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