I definitely wasn’t blue🍴🍴







Whenever I go to a bbq joint I always have a mental build-up, I imagine all of the staples that I can get with my slab of ribs, corn bread, macaroni and cheese and greens, but when I gazed over the menu at “Dallas BBQ” in Manhattan, New York, I searched and searched, rubbed my eyes just in case my left eye was getting blurry again, but the only staple I saw was the corn bread.

Although I had to make a mental and taste bud adjustment, I decided to take a gander at something else, so my eyes landed on the “100% sirloin made twice daily Texas style chili,” topped with cheddar cheese and a side of corn bread. I always think it is fitting to have chili on a cold New York night, it just makes you feel cozy and somehow all tingly inside; but to find that sensation can sometime be a horse of a different color, but I guess last night was my lucky night, because I struck gold and hit the jackpot with that cup of chili. It was thick like I like it, hearty, with just the right amount of pinto beans, the sirloin was tender, smoky, spicy, and perfectly seasoned, and I stirred in the cheese and the cheese became melted, it added a creaminess that made me smile, and the corn bread was warm, no butter required, square of goodness, and it was then that I was becoming convinced, it was true, I was officially in a bbq joint.

Now one would think that being in a bbq joint that I would feel it my duty to order ribs, I mean it almost seems like a requirement, but somehow my tastebuds didn’t articulate ribs, so what I opted for was an item I heard about it in passing, the “Henney Wings” aka wings with Hennessy sauce. Now to be completely honest I was skeptical, because after all I am not a drinker, and Hennessy is not for the faint of heart, and probably could kill a non-drinker like myself, but I decided to let myself go and go for it.

When these huge, fried, steroid sized wings with this brown sticky sauce, came out I was quite frankly terrified, I mean how was I gonna tackle them especially since I dont like to get my hands dirty, but i took my first bite and I could taste the Hennessy, the hint of alcohol hit the back of my throat, and I must write I wasn’t transported to an edible heaven, now dont misunderstand, this was certainly not a “Dallas BBQ” issue it was simply a matter of this sauce not meshing with my tastebuds, these wings were fried perfectly,and the size of each wing was exactly what wings should be; I think that I was under the illusion that when cooking the wings the alcohol would burn off and there would be a residual sweetness, but not a taste of actual hennessey, but there I go being wrong.

Overall I would go back to “Dallas BBQ” especially for the chili, and for me it its one of those places where you try to different things on the menu on each visit, just because they all look so dang intriguing.

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