Americas Past Time

Pizza is like baseball, it is America’s favorite past time. On the weekend, indecisive about what to eat, not in the mood to cook, no worries eat pizza.

The problem with this concept is that  like baseball not all players are all stars, and not all teams are worth the money. 

It has been said for years possibly decades even that New York has the best pizza, and honestly who am I to dispute that, the trick is to find this “best” that everyone is talking about. Is it thin crust, is it thick crust, is it coal fired, is it the toppings, and the list goes on and on; and the truth is, its all of those things depending on your preference.

My pizza preference is a what I like to call “kinda thin” what I mean is that I want to indulge in the bread enough to get my chew on, and I also love for it to have a slight crisp to it as well. I want the tomato sauce to taste a smidgen sweet, I want my cheese to be gooey and not just oven gooey, I mean because the cheese has been delivered that day in its freshest state gooey, I want my pepperoni to be slightly peppery, and I want to taste all the herbs and spices that go into it, and I want my italian sausage to slightly transport me to Little Italy, because its fresh, because I can see and taste the fennel and pork, and I want the pizza to taste so good that I forget that this is baseball food, but a true meal indeed.

It is in my opinion that Campania Coal Fired Pizza has accommodated all of my wants and in fact nailed it at least on my half of the pizza. The other half of the pizza was not that much of a hit, but I dont think it fair to blame Campania. Whenever you order anchovies on a pizza you stand to take a risk of it being to salty even overwhelming so to the point you are forced to take a drink with each bite. I do believe that a good server would have noted that to the customer; with the richness of the cheese, and saltiness that comes from the cheese and sauce the anchovies might be a bit aggressive, but like my grandmother use to say, that was a bought lesson. 

I say to all you pizza lovers out there stick to the classics avoid getting fancy, after all its pizza for heavens sake order pepperoni and sausage and enjoy the Campania Coal Fired Pizza experience.