Its Something about the Ocean


Sometime you have to go down near the water, and not just any water, but near the ocean to find good seafood. Good seafood should have its roots freshness and be of a respectable size, with a chef who is not passing off gulf shrimp as regular shrimp, and it is Enterprise Fish Company in Santa Monica, California who has hit the nail on the head.

If anyone has had lobster bisque then you know that not all bisque are created equal. Sometime its not enough lobster, sometimes its bland, but then you come across a lobster bisque that is velvety, buttery, slightly tangy with a bonus of having puff pastry on top, it is then that you have come in contact with something delicately delectable that produces a humming sound of joy upon your first bite.

Up next seafood jambalaya with plump tender shrimp, succulent chicken breast, cracked open plum tomatoes, tender andouille sausage, and rice with a light red broth that is spicy, smokey, with robust flavor with a bay leaf to create that depth of earthiness. To make my smile wider a side of toasted corn bread with corn kernels and honey, decorated with onion chives just because all things are better to digest when there pretty.

There is a saying out there or is it a rap song, I’m not really sure, but basically it says “there is levels to this thing” and it is levels of flavor where Enterprise Fish Company has excelled to another level, they have taken something relatively common amongst all seafood restaurants and turned the flavor thermometer up to the next level and with the generous portions you leave feeling full not just in the belly, but full of happiness that your palate has just left an enjoyable party. Well done Enterprise well done. 

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