Had my Doughnut & Ate it Too

The guilty pleasure of a glazed doughnut in the morning is not that guilty anymore. No need to feel sad about the sugar or the carbs, because something great has been added to soothe your pain and it is lavender. Thats right you read correctly, a glazed doughnut with sprinkled lavender leaves.

I am almost positive this was made just for me. The Doughnut Plant in Manhattan, NY instinctively knew that I needed to taste soft as clouds bread on my tongue, with the bonus of sweetness from the glaze. They knew that I firmly believe that days off are made of light and airy doughnuts and everyone nice. They knew that when the world has me topsy turvy I immediately think of a guilty pleasure, but they also knew inevitably guilt would follow, thoughts of having to workout twice in one day next week would plague me for days to come; so they gave me something to immediately relax my anxiety, lower my blood pressure, and provide the immediate calm that I needed so desperately. All I can write is…JACKPOT!!! So now not only is my tastebuds filled with joy my guilt has been eradicated by calm. Well done Doughnut Plant New York City, well done👍🏾

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