Not just for the Rich Man, but for Every Man 🍴

Is a bacon cheeseburger classified as a treat, absolutely! Is it the type of food that you wait for the weekend to indulge in and the type of food that if you plan on eating it in the evening you definitely drink a fruit and vegetable smoothie in the morning to minimize the level of guilt, definitely!

Is lobster one of the luxe foods, the seafood that speaks special occasion, darn right! The kind of dish that you tuck away a few extra coins so you can order it when going to dinner, no doubt about it! 

What if you could have both of these items at the same restaurant, better yet on the same plate, served as a combo, presenting itself as lobster and burger combo?

Its no doubt about it that this combination reads weird and sounds even stranger, but when you think about this concept it is the blue collar surf and turf. This combo of a bacon cheeseburger and healthy side of lobster at Burger and Lobster in Manhattan, New York has basically taken the she she foo foo old man classic high price meal and reduced it down to not only to being affordable but accessible to every man. The environment at Burger and Lobster is welcoming, bright, and beckons the “every” man into their place of business. 

My burger was cooked medium-well on a black sesame seed bun, it was juicy it and it was extremely flavorful, so flavorful that I forgot to add the ketchup and mustard I requested, and for me that is something. I mean it is usually the condiments that top the burger off, but no topper needed here, it came to the table already topped perfectly. 

In my efforts to always be transparent and completely honest in my blogs, I have to write I am not a lobster person. I never go out to a restaurant with an intent on splurging on lobster, I never give lobster a second thought. I have always loved to look at lobster, it always has the ability to tantalize me, and it always takes the opportunity to woo me, but I never fall for the bait. But because this was apart of a combo I kinda felt that my back was against the wall. But although my back was against the wall at the first bite I completed succumbed, and lowered my mouth in surrender for every bite. The lobster was sweet, it was grilled, and it was tender and the herb butter though not needed gave it something just a little bit extra. 

Burger and Lobster you have won my heart, you have taken a traditionally high end combination and made it un intimidating, and you didn’t sacrifice the flavor while doing it. It is not often that I salivate days after my meal wishing that I could live off of fruit and veggie smoothies just so I can indulge in a burger and lobster , well done Burger and Lobster well done.