The Last Supper🍴🍴

One would think that after I watched “What the Health” on Netflix I would never eat another piece of anything for the remainder of my days. And if I did begin eating anything after coming out from my stupor it would be spinach and dark chocolate for life. With that being the case I did what any normal socially and health conscious person would do, I spent the next few weeks obsessing about the date I would begin my new plant based lifestyle and what was going to be my last delicious meal.

To think about a last meal is extremely overwhelming, I mean where would I start? Do I eat seafood, pasta, soul food, or Chinese? To be honest I couldn’t choose, so I found myself I in a quandary. So while I lingered in the land of indecision, I settled on a strategy instead. I would go to a place I had never been to, but nonetheless still order a food that I was very familiar with; so I opted for Bubby’s in Tribeca, New York.

First up, the biscuits, yes the biscuits as an appetizer not a accompaniment to the entree, a literal appetizer before the meal. This accompaniment was worth it’s weight in gold. I don’t know what it is like to bite into a cloud that is dipped in butter and baked until fluffy and airy like that of a featherweight pillow, but if I had to use my imagination it would taste like this biscuit. Yes I had the moment, the moment where I stopped mid-conversation, closed my eyes just a smidgen, and whispered to my companion “this is amazing” like it was a secret that was imperative that I kept tight to my vest. 

The second appetizer yes, second appetizer, remember now this is my last delicious meal, I am going plant based…I think. Ok next up was the deviled eggs. Now just to be clear I don’t even like eggs, or just to be specific I don’t like the yolks, yet I can tolerate the whites, but what kind of eating companion would I be if I only ordered everything I like, so deviled eggs it was. I am proud to say my palate was blessed by this devilish delicacy. It wasn’t eggy, it was smooth and creamy, it was tangy, with a backdrop of mustard, it was definitely an item I would order again.

Third up the entree, fried chicken, cole slaw, bacon mac and cheese. True this isn’t a new idea, definitely not creative sounding, and at this point not particularly worth the blog. But please keep in mind that this is my last real meal for awhile, so it was of utter importance that I order something that was familiar to me, something that spoke to my traditions, a food that in my heart I could be completely satisfied with. 

Th unoriginal fried chicken, was a brined bird that was fried to perfection. With a seasoning that would blow the roof off what your grandmother has been cooking all these years. It was crunchy, it was juicy, it was tender, it was AMAZING. The mac and cheese had shards of thick cut bacon integrated into the cheesy, gooey, white cheese, the noodles were tender, and the portion was just right. With each bite I thought I need more, so I ate more, but when I was done I felt completely satisfied. Normally in a southern trio, people find themselves getting pot licker with fried chicken and mac and cheese, but I got the creamy, perfectly seasoned, and continuously crunch cole slaw. Ohh did I lose you with the pot licker phrase? Well all of my old heads and southerners know that pot licker is collard greens. 

Bubby’s you made my last meal the most memorable in a while now. It was so good that it caused me to re-evaluate my plant based diet, it made me examine chickens real motive towards me, it made me ask if bacon was really as bad for me as they say. I started to question if cheese was as harmful as they led me to believe in “What the Health” and my conclusion is, it’s probably all true, but it was well worth it and I would repeat that meal again and again.

Thank you for not only having an old country name like Bubby, but having the best darn fried chicken and biscuits a future plant based eater could ever have.