When in Wisconsin🍴

As soon as you hear the word Wisconsin you immediately think, CHEESE! Wisconsin is the cheese mecca, the place where you get your entire life, made of cheese of course. 

But there is levels to this cheese life, it is no walk through the whey alone and it is all about the curds, yes cheese curds and not just any cheese curds, but fried cheese curds. I know you are thinking this is a high falootin mozzarella stick, but I cast down that erroneous thought of blasphemy right now and tell you that it absolutely is not.

A cheese curd is curdled milk and per “What the Health” on Netflix this is gonna kill me, and as doubtful as that is, at least I will go to heaven smiling. 

This cheesy, super rich, creamy goodness when crispy fried with chipotle spicy mayo gives an immediate sensation of giddiness that strikes you, and Revere Wells Street Tavern in Delafield, Wisconsin does it absolutely right. Theses cheese curds know exactly how to take the blues away on a rainy day.

Today was my 1st cheese curd experience and it is leaving me with an indelible imprint on tastebuds for Revere’s and the love of Wisconsin, well done Revere’s, well done.🍴

One comment

  1. First I would yo say that do not just like cheese,but I love it. Right now I could reserve s flight just to get some cheese curds. Can I take the red eye tonight? Will I have time to get there before it closes? I cannot wait to visit.


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