Smell the Spring in the Air🍴

Its seems so apropos to go to high tea in commemoration of Spring. What a better time of the year to get invigorated from the long winter than to smell the bouquet of loose tea and be reminded of the daintiness of the season. Spring and tea are like hand and glove, they both allow you to be elegant with pinky finger in the air while feeling the lightness in the air. When you inhale the the nosegay of sparkle markle and peach tea, it somehow awakens you to the concept that the tide is changing, that the sluggishness of winter is loosing its grip. The beautiful thing about loose tea as that the smell invokes a memory and perpetuates an inevitable smile. The smell of peaches reminds me of festival season, of outside lunches with friends, and of holding hands with a loved one. Sparkle Markle with its fancy name coined by SpecialTeas Tea Shop in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania is a medley of everything posy. The smell of roses, peaches, fruit, and mint not only provide the calmness of the senses, yet a sweetness that lingers on the palate.

SpecialTeas Tea Shop served high tea in a very darling fashion. The atmosphere was quaint, the service was light hearted and the raisin scones with strawberry jam were warm. The tea sandwiches came in a variety of chicken salad, egg salad, cucumber, and ham and cheese were honestly not the most delectable Ive ever had at a high tea, but somehow they were congenial. The deserts were tea tiny cookies, powdered madeleines, dark chocolate, and the moistest chocolate chip brownies. Aesthetically the desserts looked cute and immediately made me think I would have to go Chick-Fil-A afterwards to compensate for my hunger, but I am pleased to announce that my eyes deceived me, the portions were completely appropriate for the afternoon.

Its funny how the activity of high tea makes all ladies feel just a little more like a lady in that moment. Its as if all of the charm school classes kick in and go into overdrive. You seem to sit up a little straighter, eat a smidgen slower, and are more conscientious to stand in the moment that a new day is dawning. SpecialTeas Tea Shop thank you for helping with the onboarding of a new season, Happy Spring🍴