Johnny Come Lately

We all know of a place around the way that has soul food, most of these restaurants/take out spots hold a reputation. Sometimes that reputation can be for running out of food and sometimes it can be that you are waiting forever for your food. Despite the shaky reputation somehow people still flock to the establishment because of the tasty food.

Whenever this flocking occurs toward a restaurant where you are never quite sure your needs will be met, yet you wait with bated breath with hopes that today your low expectations will be exceeded by the dependable taste of soul always amazes me.

Just to Serve You in Wilmington, Delaware falls in this category. After an hour and a half wait for fried catfish, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens, I can honestly write I was truly exasperatingly sullen. But with the first bite of that fried catfish with a cornmeal batter, the fire that burned inside from the lingering wait began to simmer. With the next bite I tasted the tanginess, yet sweetness of the fish, it was so light and airy I began to feel a calm. My next bite was the creamy mac and cheese, perfect cooked noodles, not a dash of salt or pepper needed, it was pleasureful to my palate immediately and before I knew it a smile cracked on the sides of my mouth. Now I have always been of the opinion that no one can cook a collard green better than my father. I mean no one I know takes such care of the green more than he. He cleans them slow, he cooks them on low, he seasons them with finesse, and the product is the best pot-licker you have ever tasted. But Just To Serve You must have secretly called him on the phone and in exchange for that their delicious fried chicken he gave up the recipe.

Needless to write Just To Serve You making a patron wait for over an hour is unacceptable, but I appreciated you recognizing your penitence by apologizing profusely, but the real apology came from that delicious food that made me feel like easy like a Sunday morning.

My recommendation to you would be to refine your system, make it a well oiled machine, exceed the patrons experience by going beyond the food, and if you do this you will be a staple in the state of Delaware because the food is flat out fabulous.