Heaven Must Be Like This.

Summer is for long walks, to get tans, to take each moment a little slower than the last, and most of all to eat ice cream. Ice cream is one of those sweet reflection desserts. It is like with every lick or each spoonful a quick transport to a happy place flickers in your members and when the ice cream is absolutely delicious a sense euphoria comes alive in you and you feel compelled to chase it like a drug.

So the story goes,

I was walking on the Upper East Side of New York City and I passed by an ice cream shop called Van Leeuwen. The sign on the door read, “ice cream + vegan ice cream + coffee.” Now I have always been under the impression that vegan ice cream was a gimmick and should not be mentioned in the same sentence as real ice cream, and it was these words that initiated my hesitation, but I was coaxed in anyway by a reliable source.

Upon entering I asked for a sample of ice cream, but due to Covid all samples have been discontinued until further notice, which is also known as, “take my word for it that it is good.” With no samples I had to ask the most appropriate question “is the chocolate fudge brownie ice cream amazing?” The Van Leeuwen employee replied, “its very good.” With that statement my reluctance grew more intensely. It grew because everyone knows that “amazing”and “very good” is as close as the north is from the east, sure not a grand distance, but far enough to be recognized. Then the employee said something that calmed all of my misgivings about this ice cream, and what he said was, “if you dont like it bring it back immediately and we will find you a flavor that you do like.” And so, it was with that statement that I dove right in to the chocolate fudge brownie ice cream and although it didn’t need it I added chocolate sprinkles simply to commemorate the weekend.

With my second taste, my brain tapped into the creaminess that was simply undeniable, the ice cream coated my tongue with a depth of of flavor that registered a dark chocolate that was perfectly sweetened. Brownies so delicately entangled with semi-thick small burst of fudge that it took my brain on a ethereal ride; one bite ice cream, the next bite brownie, and the next bite fudge, it was an unadulterated party for my palate.

This ice cream with no preservatives, nothing artificial, this flavor gluten free, not a hint of fabricated colors or enhancers, just simply delicious and completely enslaving, left me smiling like I just hit the food lottery.

I always fancy myself to believe that because God loves me so much that He will have all of my favorite things on earth also in heaven waiting for me when I arrive. However, in this case it is the owner/maker of Van Leeuwen who has earned their spot in heaven and even if God doesn’t say it to you, I am here to write, well done good and faithful ice cream maker, you have done my tastebuds a wonderful service.

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