A Secret Garden🍴

Take me to another place, take me to another land, make me forget all that hurts me, let me understand your plan. There are times in life where we come into a moment and that moment seems so reminiscent of a song that we once heard; and when I walked into Terrain Glen Mills Garden Cafe, in Glen Mills Pennsylvania I was transported to another place. It felt as if I walked into a beautiful yet magical land, the smells caused me to think no more of all things that may have hurt me, and as I took in the scenery I found myself quietly saying to myself in a whisper, Lord , my mind is clear and I am ready to understand your plan.

Dang, that is magical….could you imagine going to a place like that just for an afternoon? If you can’t,  I strongly suggest you do. If for nothing else than to simply recalibrate your sensory receptors so that you can be present in the world to know when you see something beautiful.

You see the Terrain Glen Mills Cafe is inside of a garden or super amped up nursery of sorts with a Cafe in the back. All things flowers, all things gardening, all things botanical, all things self-caring, simply all things enchanting, and the topper you get to eat after you have perused or shopped.

So first up on the list for lunch was the Lavender Lemonade, yes I am writing about the drink which in most of blogs I do not, but this was a special that I felt inclined to try. I always find myself trying foods that in mind commemorate something, and with this being Memorial Day weekend, the onset of summer, my way of doing things shouted you must celebrate with a drink that is not only refreshing, but with remnants of requiescence, and for me the official sign of summer…lemons. Oftentimes when you order  lemonade from a cafe that has its foundation on the more organic side of things, the taste leaves little to be desired, but this lemonade was delicious, it was sweet as lemonade should be, it was tangy, it was cold with no ice, and it was fragrant.

Second up was the Artisanal Cheese Board; I have to write that ordering the cheese board gave me the immediate feeling that I was amongst the ladies who lunch club. I felt so sophisticated, so adult, so refined, and so rich, that was a powerful cheese board. With the seasonal cheeses with super fancy names, and the waitress coming to explain each cheese to a tee, with the aromatic honey, the house made pickles that looked like ribbons of cucumber and tasted better than any vlasic pickle I have ever tasted, the slight complement of strawberries and blueberries and grain mustard, was unpretentiously enchanting.

Last up was the Grilled Cheese on sourdough bread with camembert cheese, fig mostarda, honeycrisp apples and a side of french fries….essentially a ladies who lunch grilled cheese. If you didn’t know camembert cheese is a soft creamy cow’s milk white cheese with a nutty taste, yet with a fruity backdrop. Needless to say this is not your grandma’s government cheese and when you pulled it apart it was very apparent. There was no stringy pull which I believe is essential for every grilled cheese, the cheese was not fully melted, and the fig mostarda was a tad on the pungent side. 

Terrain I think it is imperative to understand, there is a fine balance between palatableness and conception. The key is not only to keep the essence of grilled cheese, but to ensure that the fundamentals are still present and those fundamentals are super melty cheese, the cheese should not look like it was just sliced, and if it does, it is because it has not melted sufficiently, the cheese should not be so thick that it is virtually impossible to get a cheese string pull, and the cheese probably should have more of a buttery slightly salty taste just to balance the fruitiness and nuttiness all out.

Terrain in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania although I was not impressed with the grilled cheese and probably will not order again until you change your choice of cheese, the ambiance of this cafe and the preludes to grilled cheese was only what I can describe as a dream that I didn’t want to awake from. The name of the cafe is perfectly fitting, you took me on a Terrain to a place that was serene, to a land that was a little bumpy, but so aesthetically pleasing, and when I left there I felt mentally better for it🍴

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