Ooey Gooey Goodness🍴

If you follow me you know I love mac and cheese, if you are a true follower you know I have a very specific criteria for how I believe mac and cheese should look and of course taste. There are many restaurants who have opted to place mac and cheese on their menus, and for some that has been a triumphant decision and for others it has been a major fail.

It is not on every restaurant visit, that I start off feeling hopeful, that optimism takes over, I usually walk in a restaurant feeling very dubious, with my palate walls up high, and with a guarded tongue just in case the restaurant was not what was portrayed on Insta or I had built up in mind, but then came MadMacs. 

MadMacs of Newark, Delaware started off with the key ingredient to a mouthwatering evening and that was with the waitstaff. My waitress was the most delightful, the most smiley, the most menu informed, and more importantly she carried within her the  experiential taste knowledge, which in most cases is priceless.

The first and only thing up for the evening was the Cajun Mac and Cheese, with sharp and swiss cheese, crab, shrimp, bread crumb topping, and old bay. As you read this it may read oversimplified and nothing to write home to Wolf Gang Puck about who is in my opinion the king of all things Mac and Cheese, but I promise this is a complicated mac and cheese compilation. Whenever you opt to place seafood inside of mac and cheese there are two things that can go wrong; one the seafood can get lost in the cheese and your tastebuds cannot even recognize it being there or the dish can be overtaken by the fishiness and the foundation which is the mac and cheese gets lost, but when you find the balance between the two baby, you have something I am going to coin right here and right now and that is “cheese gold.”

This mac and cheese was made of everything right in the world, tender noodles, ooey gooey cheese with multiple cheese pulls, perfectly cooked no skimping on the size shrimp, briney crab, of course all of it very buttery, and in case you forgot you had seafood old bay that grazed the back of your throat on every swallow was an absolute eye closer and mouth pleaser.

MadMacs not only did I feel welcome, but you brought down the walls of my palate, you brought me everything a mac and cheese was supposed to bring, which is: pretty to eyes with the golden color the cheese, comfort to the mind, a gentle acquaintance to the tongue, a warmness that screams it is safe to eat of all these calories, and just downright heavenly, which made me smile with each bite. WIth the many options of the mac and cheese I have officially chosen you to be my go to spot for my local hankering for mac and cheese…well done MadMac well done🍴

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  1. When I think of baked Mac and Cheese what comes to mind is Grandmother and Mom’s kitchen which gives you an at home feeling. The description of this restaurant experience was accurate and delightful. It is easy to messy up such simple dish which is not usually cooked right. Keep enlightening us on restaurants that are hidden gems good and a waste of time.


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