Fair Finds🍴

State, county, and neighborhood fairs is one of the favorite American pastimes similar to baseball. It is a time for the community to come together to hang, to shop, and to eat, and the annual Arden Fair in Wilmington, Delaware is one of the best. Arden is an eclectic community, full of artisanal and artistic finds, and a time where dilettante is celebrated for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon.

When people go to fairs, they look for the standard fair foods, snow cones, ice cream, funnel cake, and hot dogs. But the Arden fair opted to slightly up their game just a smidgen this year. They decided to give the community foods with a bit more brio, foods that packed a punch, and was sure to be illustrious. So this year, they made a fine choice by bringing in food truck, “Krys Soul Kreations” based in Newark, Delaware.

First and the only thing up for this tasting was the seafood eggroll. Whenever I see eggrolls advertised, I think of small gulf shrimp, a ton of cabbage, a requirement to eat quickly or it will taste stale, and no flavor. So needless to write I was skeptical and mistrustful. Despite my contrary inclination, my tendencies for seeing something that looked wrong and my ability to make it seem right prevailed, so I ordered.

The fried eggroll with large shrimp, salmon, and crab, was positively perfection. Made to order, the shrimp were large, sweet, and cooked impeccably, the crab had a consistency of a creamy and cheesy crab dip, had me in a tizzy to get to the next bite. Yes you read, that the seafood eggroll also had salmon, but in my continued efforts to always keep it a buck with my readers, I have to scribe that the salmon got lost. I couldn’t taste it, yet I never got the feeling that I missed it. If you are a salmon eater like me, you know salmon has a tough time competing with other seafood, sauces, and cheesiness. The delicacy of the salmon is designed to be a party of one in order for it to be the star of the show.

Despite the absentee taste of salmon, this eggroll was decadent, it was mouth warming, it was fried with a nicety that caused me to smile, and caused me to develop a desire to have Krys Soul Kreations at my next personal event, well done Krys Soul Kreations, well done🍴

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