I Rant

There was a time when going out to eat was a luxury, a big to do. I mean you planned the outing to the restaurant, settled on what to wear, and made sure you were extra cute. Now on the tail end of the pandemic…maybe, the onset of Uber Eats and DoorDash going out to eat has now been deemed common. Now when you go to a restaurant they are asking you to scan the qr code at your table to get your menu, like I just entered the drive thru line at Jack in the Box. How unrefined, how undignified, how common.

Restaurants are supposed to be environments of class, the place where we set aside our phones to be present in the moment, unless of course you are an on-call neuro-surgeon, but for the most part a place of sophistication, where the servers are attentive, they bring me water without asking, and they are acutely aware of the attention vs’ annoyance ratio.

Why do I rant? I rant because, the patron is not treated like a patron anymore, we are given sub-par service, below average experiences, and not hot food.

You see Mister or Mrs restaurant owner, dining is about more than just food, its about the ambiance, the service, the attention to detail, simply put dining out should be an experience and not treated like a stop over place we choose instead of choosing Chick-Fil-A. You are treating your patrons like their monies aren’t hard-earned, like the patron doesn’t deserve to be treated special and a acknowledgement that out of all the places the patron could eat, the patron chose you.

Its super funny, how service and experiences get downgraded, but the price is always upgraded, tell me how that is fair?

If for some reason you are not sure what the ultimate service and food experience is, I will implore you to follow the Las Vegas model. Every person is treated like the just won a purple chip at the table, take heed because its a game changer.

Do Better.We deserve it.

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