A little Dainty, Definitely Classy, Some Pomp, but no Circumstance 🍴

Afternoon tea is an absolutely delightful concept, it checks all the boxes that women endeavor to achieve during an afternoon with your fellow ladies. Afternoon tea allows you to step into a Bridgerton moment by wearing fancy tea hats and cute dresses. It is in that moment where you have a wide berth to glide like a gentle stallion and with every step you take you inform the other patrons in the room that you have arrived. Women have the total freedom to carry a light cape or sweater without reservation, yet the bonus is, it is the tea that gives you a warmth, and with every sip, you can delve into the pomp of the moment and hold your pinky out just a smidgen for sophistication purposes of course.

The afternoon is a tricky time of the day, you may not be particularly hungry if you are a breakfast person, but you certainly can eat, by the same token you may not be a breakfast person, but unequivocally a dinner person, but who wants to be starving until dinner like you are on a Keto diet, so the dainty two bite sandwiches during tea time is the most befitting.

Prince Tea House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chinatown, has the cutest tea house, the decor is simply adorable, the environment is quaint enough to feel the togetherness you went there to feel in the first place, and the service was soft, yet efficient, and neat. First up was the Mango tea, with coarse brown sugar, fragrant, but not an overpowering sweet at all. To be honest I smelled more of the mango than I could taste, but the smell was refreshing, yet tantalizing, and caused me to be more present in the moment and so for me it was a win. The tea tier was comprised of: pastrami with swiss cheese, deviled eggs, tuna salad with fish roe, cucumber with tzatziki, and crabmeat with jalapeno, warm scones, and macaroons.

Afternoon tea is a simplistic concept, so it is the details that make the tea special, in this case the Prince Tea House took the extra step to make the pastrami warm, no cold cuts here, the cheese was melted, the crabmeat with jalapeno although I am convinced that it is was imitation crabmeat, yet it was tastefully shredded to create an illusion of fresh crabmeat and the jalapeno added a much needed kick to wake up your nasal passages just slightly. I am not sure if they were baking scones in the back or if they were purchased by an outside vendor. But either way, those scones with buttery, they were warm, they were delicately sweet, they were delicious, with every bite I smiled, and to be totally honest I felt like a lady, a greedy lady, but nonetheless a lady.

Some may assume that I always feel like a lady and I most certainly do, but there are just moments where what you engage in makes you feel more pretty, more dainty, more delicate like the flower that I am. And to some degree macaroons do this for me, I mean they are first and foremost one of the prettiest desserts, they have all of the inner parts of greatness, when you bite the crumb level is minimal, due to the chewy consistency, so less dabbing to the lip gloss which keeps your lips popping, the cream on the inside is tight enough so no run off is happening. This lemon and pistachio macaron was giving all the life it had inside of them. The lemon carried a hint of tang, and the pistachio an inkling of nuttiness. In a nutshell, the desserts added a nice crescendo to the crustless sandwiches and perpetually warm tea. The delicacy was on fleek at the Prince Tea House and I was totally here for it. I have been to quite a few tea houses in my day, and I will certainly add this true find as a fav. Well done Prince Tea House, well done.🍴



  1. Yesssss…Tea please 🫖!! Love this post!! This post right here — Makes me want to ran out to get some hot tea and warm scones. 😋


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