Comparisons can be very evolved or not🍴

If I didn’t write it, you may not believe it, but there are some downfalls to eating out most of the time. Going out to eat can be a drug, how so you ask? Well you are always chasing the greatest high of your life, endeavoring to once again trap the same high you had during your first hit (I don’t write from experience, but I do watch 60 minutes) and by the same token when going out to eat you are constantly chasing the last best meal of your life. With each meal, you want to experience the same level of deliciousness, the same level of elation, and the same level of indulgence. Comparison to the last restaurant or the last meal of its kind closes down your mind, hinders your palate from fully participating in the upcoming taste encounter, and has the potential to leave you in a position of not being able to judge rightly. So what is the cure? The cure is to clean your mental palate, remove your biases, and adjust your tendency to be partial.

Sure Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbeque in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania is not the formerly opened Warmdaddy’s nor is it the hood bbq that you deemed flavorfully reliable, but it definitely is not a slacker either. First up, was the candied bacon, now believe or not I have never had candied bacon, chocolate covered bacon yes, but candied no. This bacon was medium sliced slab bacon, meaning that with every bite you felt the thickness of the bacon, and it because of that thickness, although it was well cooked you never tasted burnt since you always had a little chewiness with a little bit of crunch. What you did get though was that brown sugar, and let me tell you it was super sweet, it was the equivalent to drinking grape Kool-Aid with a half a jar of sugar added to it. It was so sweet the saltiness which is the true heart bacon was lost, the balance was extracted from what had the potential to be extraordinary if done correctly. But one small bump in the road did not deter me from the old school mac and cheese, which was large enough to feed a table of five, yes in a conservative manner, but enough for each person to receive a healthy portion for sure. This mac and cheese was beautifully browned on the top, piping hot on arrival in a cast iron skillet, and classically cheesy. I simply enjoyed it, no extra spices required, no extra cheese needed, a really delightful side to my pork ribs and potato salad. 

To the untrained eye some may call my pork ribs a bit burnt, but they looked just like a smoked rib should, you totally should have some char without tasting char, you totally should have some smoke, but by the same token have all the tenderness in the world, and that is exactly what I had, and it was good, when I mixed the sweet bbq sauce and the slightly spicy bbq sauce together it was a concoction that made every bite quite enchanting. Next up was the potato salad, and it was before my first bite of the potato salad that my biases attempted to creep in, my prejudgement endeavored to overtake me, why you ask? Well it was the color, the potato salad was aioli colored, a color my brain didn’t quite understand at the onset, it also had red onions in it, and once again I was off putted, but despite my narrow-mindedness I powered through and took my first bite, and gosh darn it, I liked it, now was it my mama’s potato salad? A resounding no, but it was still good, so I went in for several bites thereafter. It was creamy, it was flavorful, it was tangy, and it carried a zing, and I was here for it. Next up was the collards, the portion was small and the dish quite spicy hot for collards.You see there is quite a difference between being spicy because it is adding a next level to the taste, and then there is being spicy hot for no reason, and this fell in the neighborhood of no reason. The collards were not flavorful, and I assume it was because I didn’t detect that it was cooked with meat, a neckbone, a turkey bone, some pork fat, something to make that pot likkor sing. But I ate it, because you never have a really good excuse to leave vegetables behind in light of the fact that it is here to help us not harm us.

To end the evening I ordered the fried oreos, simply because I felt compelled to and second because what a delight to not have to wait until a fair comes to town to get a fried oreo, and it served as a sweet ending to a delectable meal.

Morgan’s bbq you were a bbq spot that I enjoyed, I laid aside my preconceived notions and tasted every bit of food with openness and found myself not only pleasantly surprised, but with taste buds that thanked me in the end for taking a chance, and for that I will always be grateful. Well done Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbeque, well done. 🍴



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