Did I feel Seen?🍴

We have officially entered into a space where we pay more and get less, a place where prices are going up and up, but the standard of service is going down and down, or at the bare minimum staying the same, which really is just as bad. We have also entered into a space in time where groceries are costing a king’s ransom, a time where thick sliced bacon is over $10.00, if Biden needs to fix anything, he needs to fix that, how is one supposed to have a proper breakfast without thick sliced bacon. And to add a small insult to injury, statistics in the marketplace now state that it is less expensive to dine out than to buy groceries. In a way this new stat works in the restaurant industry’s favor, and I would assume that servers would be gitty almost chomping at the bit, because patrons are coming in prepared to pay, but with an expectation of being served with excellence and delicious food.

The truth is that the dining experience begins and ends with the level of service you receive. Service has an intangible effect on your tastebuds, the server has a way of setting the tone, somehow a magical way of calibrating our level of expectations, maybe unbeknownst to the servers they have powers, and I am not sure, but maybe they are occultist on the low. So when a server is aware of their enchanting abilities and they opt to use their powers for good you have essentially created a spellbinding dining experience that is simply beguiling.

So today I am here to share that Legal Seafood in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania not only does seafood correctly, but their type of service should be “legal” everywhere (did you like that play on the word?) Now when I write about great service, let me expound, for my table starter I wanted to order the spinach and crab dip, but the waitress without hesitation let me know that this dip is heavy on the spinach and lacking in the crab and that I may want to reconsider. So we decided on the lobster bisque, and she sweetly said, “I am not a fan of the bisque, but how about I bring you out a tiny cup so you can taste before you formally order.” So are you following me when I write great service? In a normal situation the waitress would have never spoken up, never volunteered their opinion, and definitely never respected the dollars we were spending with a determination to make sure we got every bit of our money’s worth, but she did and I was here for every comment rendered.

The first dish we landed on was a true classic, one that our waitress gave the thumbs up on, and that was the shrimp scampi. This pasta dish was delicious, no extra salt, nor pepper, nor cheese needed. It came out with perfectly cooked linguine tender in all the right places, the shrimp with the tails off so I didn’t have to work for my food was delicately seasoned and delicious, now most restaurants tend to skimp on the shrimp, but there was no skimping here, there was enough shrimp for every single bite, and the cream sauce was rich and delectable, to be concise it was spot on.

The last and final dish for the evening was the mac daddy, the king of the hill, the big poppa of the menu gang and that was the stuffed lobster tails. I am not quite sure why, but lobster always screams luxury, scavenger gold, and just plain fancy, restaurants do not even add the price for lobster anymore it just reads real bougie also known as “market price.” Who the devil knows the market price of lobster before they go to a restaurant? Did the patron stop at the market and price it first, most likely doubtful. Whenever you see the acronym “mp” your face unconsciously makes a wince, not because you cannot pay, but because the unknown is unsettling, but somehow that waitress of ours with the accommodating demeanor and the assurance that the stuffed lobster was an excellent choice, we ordered with calmness and excitement all wrapped up in one.

Lobster is a tricky seafood, left alone the lobster can be rubbery, left to its own devices too long it can be burnt tasting, and without tender loving care while in the shell it has the propensity to be undercooked. But when your lobster is two tails stuffed with shrimp, scallops, and buttery crackers which I assume are ritz, you have yourself with an incomparable mouth party. The shrimp was present and not hidden, nice size plump shrimp and scallops, deliciously breaded with a drizzle of butter was absolutely heavenly. The lobster tail underneath the stuffing was cooked to perfection, perfectly sized, in a nutshell exquisite.

Legal Seafood, you have made me a return patron, not only did you knock my socks off with the food, but you bowled me over with the service. Our waitress treated us like I assume she would want to be treated when she is dining out and for that I am very appreciative. No one wants to go to a business who doesn’t understand that every patron has many choices, and that patrons can opt to take their dollars anywhere, but they chose your establishment, and Legal Seafood you didn’t take that concept for granted, well done Legal Seafood, well done!🍴



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