Brioche With Beckham

Not a chef, nor a restauranteur, not even that big on cooking, but I LOVE to eat out, and this is how I became a foodie and self-proclaimed food critic. “Brioche With Beckham” is a perfect coupling of me, a little of something fancy, a tiny bit sweet, and always wanting to eat…I mean eat out that is. Some people tend to think eating out all the time means – greedy, but I beg to differ, eating out is a full-throttle experience that I invite you to take with me as I travel worldwide and give an unfiltered dare I say raw look at the non-chain restaurants, going down deep to find out if these restaurants and mom-pops deserve a reputable reputation and if so for what, is it there food, enviornment, service, $$$, date friendly, etc, so Bon Apetit with Brioche.


  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I am sitting on the edge of my seat awaiting your next post! I pictured your every word and laughed out loud. Your site is saved as my fav on my phone, desktop and iPad. I will be checking out Black Hogg FAST! Having date friendly tips makes your blog even more super darn awesome. And, I have to admit, your web site alone has made me extremely curious about all things “Brioche.” Can you also let us know about the best eating spots for single peeps?!?!


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