A Side Piece 🍴

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Most days I awake wondering how my food day will go, what will I eat, what will I be willing to forgo in an effort to fight the bulge or at the minimum to maintain the continuous efforts of my legs not getting any bigger.  So I salivate at the moments when I can get … Continue reading


Not So Sweet🍴

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Its funny how restaurants get a branding from the public and it is that brand that defines you, it tells the world who you are and sometimes that public branding is often very difficult to understand, especially if you haven’t hired a branding company that focuses and streamlines that brand for you. TJ’s Sweetie Pies … Continue reading


Sugar Pepper 🍴

           Soul food is supposed to be mind food, it should be food that provokes the mind, that causes your will to go limp due to the goodness, and sparks an emotion that floods you with happiness and memories of safety and love. If the “soul food” doesn’t invoke those feelings then is … Continue reading


Dear Palmier🍴

        Dear Palmier! Every so often you come across a treat that seems like it is not only good for your tastebuds, but it is also good for your soul. Its like every time you take a bite the speckles of sugar have a way of making you smile and the buttery back drop … Continue reading