Dear Palmier🍴

Dear Palmier!

Every so often you come across a treat that seems like it is not only good for your tastebuds, but it is also good for your soul. Its like every time you take a bite the speckles of sugar have a way of making you smile and the buttery back drop seem to give you the feeling of being enveloped by a long lost love.

Its funny how when you hear the slight crunch your anxiety level increases, the anticipation of the most joyful taste, resembles the foreplay of something so very romantic in nature. Yet there is a chewiness in the middle that makes me stay in the moment just a little while longer, it beckons me on not to rush, but to savor, to find rest in that moment, because it is in that moment that euphoria is activated. It is a space where a giddiness creeps in, where a smile is produced, and gratitude is the result.

Yes palmier, your goodness evokes all of this within me, and when I walk in to Financier to purchase you, I anxiously await for a bright spot that the cares of the day have tried to steal from me become awakened.

It is possible that a cookie can do all of this? I promise you that it can, you can trust me that it will. Sure there are not many guarantees in this edible world in which we live, but then there is you. 

Thank you Financier Pastisserie in Lower Manhattan for helping me develop this love, and cultivating it by consistently delivering such freshness & goodness which I am fully convinced is made with love. 🍴

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